Five Big Advantages Of Reclaimed Wood Art

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There are numerous reasons why reclaimed wood art might be the right choice when you're deciding to make your interiors more artsy and aesthetically appealing. If you're wondering why reclaimed wood art has become a popular choice for decorating home and office buildings, consider the following five advantages that this type of artwork offers:

It has a rustic appeal

Reclaimed wood art has a very unique, rustic appeal that might be perfect for the design scheme of your interior. Reclaimed wood also has a very natural appearance. It's perfect for a country residence or a building that is designed with a simple minimalist scheme. If you want your interiors to look as uncomplicated and unpretentious as possible, the down-to-earth simplicity of reclaimed wood art might be the best choice. 

It recycles materials that may have otherwise ended up in a landfill

A lot of designers and homeowners who are concerned for the environment choose reclaimed wood art because reclaimed wood keeps discarded building materials out of landfills. 

Paintings on reclaimed wood don't only keep construction materials out of landfills, but they also prevent the additional consumption of new canvases and the manufacturing waste necessary to produce those canvases. 

It makes for a more affordable canvas than a traditional canvas

Artwork on reclaimed wood is less expensive to produce because it uses recycled materials rather than requiring the purchase of new materials. The artist can often sell reclaimed wood artwork at a lower price since the costs of producing it are brought down.

If you're looking to cover a lot of empty wall space, choosing reclaimed wood art might be the most cost effective way to do it. 

It's perfect for large scale paintings

Artists have the opportunity to work on very large canvases when using reclaimed wood because wood typically comes from walls. This often gives a typical reclaimed wood canvas large dimensions. 

Large scale paintings can cover a lot of empty wall space efficiently. They're great if you'd like to decorate large patches of wall space with only one purchase.

It's typically easy to hang

It's often easy to hang reclaimed wood art because parts of the canvas itself can be used to fasten the artwork to the wall with hardware. With reclaimed wood art, excess portions of the wood canvas are left in place so that they can conveniently be used for hanging. On the other hand, hanging a traditional canvas painting can be cumbersome. 

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