3 Key Features of Art Deco Furniture

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Art deco furniture has been around and popular since the first World War. Art deco furniture pieces are well made and luxurious, and they add not just functionality but also style to your home. If you want to add some art deco furniture to your home, you need to know what to look for. Three important and defining characteristics of this style of furniture include bold geometric lines, sharp color and material contrasts, and exotic materials.

1. Bold Geometric Lines

One of the most defining features of the art deco movement in general is the use of lines, and that extends to the furniture that is inspired by this movement. Art deco furniture is designed to highlight bold lines that are used to help define each piece of furniture. It is common with this style of furniture to find smaller geometric patterns, such as arches, sunbursts, or pyramids, used on the surface of the furniture to create lines and shapes that are visible when you look at the big picture of the furniture piece. Slightly odd shapes paired with intentional shapes and lines creates furniture with bold geometric intentions.

2. Colors and Materials Create Sharp Contrast

Another defining feature of art deco furniture is the use of both colors and materials to create a sharp contrast on each furniture piece. For example, it is common to see contrasting colors on art deco furniture.

Art deco furniture commonly uses black and white to create contrast. Gold is also frequently used with other flat colors to create contrast as well. You can even find pastel and jewel tones used together on the same pieces of furniture. The use of color to create contrast is a large part of what makes art deco furniture stand out.

Materials are also used to create contrast. Oftentimes, metallic materials are overlaid on furniture pieces to enhance the contrast.

3. Use of More Exotic Materials

The art deco furniture movement came about when it was easier to travel the world. This additional mobility is reflected in the materials used on classic art deco furniture pieces. For example, you may find classic art deco furniture pieces that use ivory, pearl, and mahogany. You may even find antique art deco furniture pieces that incorporate more unusual materials, such as hides and fur, into the design.  More modern pieces use faux fur and leather.

If you want to incorporate art deco furniture into your home, look for furniture pieces that have bold geometric lines, use colors and materials to create sharp contrasts, and incorporate exotic materials into the furniture design. An art gallery can help you find classic statement pieces if you need assistance in adding this functional style of art to your home.