5 Tips for Building a Swoon-Worthy Art Collection

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Buy what you love

Art is subjective. When building an art collection, it is important to remember that fact. Everyone has different tastes when it comes to art and your collection should reflect you and your taste. Buy what you love. Don't worry about what anyone else thinks or what is trending. Whether it is classic pin-up girls from 1940's or naval battle prints, it should be uniquely you. 

Create a theme

Every art collection is meant to have a theme. You can base your theme on a number of things including:

  • Medium. You can collect art from one particular medium that appeals to you. Photography, lithographs, and limited edition prints are all great places to start a collection. 
  • Size/Shape. If you have a range of things you like, you could start an art collection based on the size or shape of the art. Pieces that have been created in the shape of a circle or miniature paintings would both make interesting starting points for a collection. 
  • Subject matter. Creating an art collection based on subject matter is a popular choice for many budding art collectors. If floral photography appeals to you, then create a theme around it.
  • Artist. If you are attracted to the style and technique of one particular artist, you can invest in their pieces exclusively. 

If you aren't sure of what theme you want, attend a few art gallery shows, walk through a museum, or head to a juried art show to get an idea of what you like.

Don't worry about color

Sometimes people get hung up on the color of a particular piece of art and whether or not it will match their living room. It is important to remember that an art collection will be with you forever. Your sofa, however, will not. Stick to buying pieces that fit in your collection and make you happy. They do not need to match your living room decor.

Buy what you can afford

Collecting art does not mean investing in museum-quality oil paintings and marble sculptures. It means buying what you like at a price you can afford. Lithographs, limited editions prints, and sketches are both affordable and collectible. Collecting art should not break the bank.

Collect over a lifetime

You do not need to buy everything at once. An art collection is meant to be curated over a lifetime. As your collection grows, so will your knowledge of the subject matter, medium, and artists. You may even decide to sell an earlier piece or two in order to shift the focus of your collection or to be able to invest in a more expensive piece. An art collection is a living, breathing thing that is meant to grow with you over the years.

Art collecting is an enjoyable pastime that can also be rewarding. Follow these tips for building a collection you will love over your lifetime. Some companies, like Hyphy Art, know that building a collection takes a long time.